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October 2021

How To Care For Tattoo Removal

It is increasingly common for many people to consider the decision to remove a tattoo that was originally thought to be forever. The latest technological advances and the rise of companies offering this service have allowed anyone who wishes, to permanently erase that tattoo that is no longer attractive to them.

Given this fact, other types of questions or doubts arise, such as what care or steps we must follow after removing a tattoo from our body to recover the affected area as soon as possible. It is a very important procedure that we must not forget or take lightly if we want to achieve satisfactory results and do not have marks or scars that would be forever.

Say that the care we have to do after a tattoo removal session is very simple and can be done perfectly. We will only need a few minutes a day to carry them out without needing a third person or having to go to a medical center. Here we indicate the procedure to follow to perform these cures:

  • The first thing is to clean and wash the area well daily with water and neutral pH soap.
  • Next, we will apply a layer of dermatological laser cream, a specific cream for these cases. We will apply it 2/3 times a day for 15 or 20 days after the session. If, after those days, we see that the tattoo area is still dry, we will continue applying the cream until our skin is hydrated.
  • During the following days, it is advisable to leave the affected area exposed to the air, not covered. If it is due to the danger of infection or to prevent it from possible chafing, it must be covered with gauze, never cover it with plastic film.
  • Nor should we sunbathe or UVA rays until the tattoo is fully healed. For a minimum of 15 days, we must avoid going to beaches, swimming pools or saunas.
  • It is also recommended to avoid contact with animals, whenever we have a wound, to prevent possible infections.
  • If we get blisters or scabs after the laser tattoo removal process, we should not exploit or tear them off.
  • Finally, Rosehip oil is one of the best options for the care of this type.

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