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October 2021

How To Fight Juvenile Acne?

Adolescence is one of the stages where perhaps our body experiences a greater change. An increase in height, increased sweating or body odor, or change in voice in the case of boys and growth of breasts in girls are usually some of the most outstanding transformations at this stage. One of the changes in adolescence that most often affect young people regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl is usually acne. An alteration in the skin that ends up causing pimples and pimples, and that usually becomes a problem at this stage, especially if you do not know how to treat it properly.

Causes Or Factors That Cause Juvenile Acne

Acne occurs due to a series of factors closely linked to the changes that occur during adolescence and youth. For example, during this stage, there is an increase in our hormones, which causes a greater growth of a substance known as cutaneous sebum. Said secretion, and more specifically an excess of this, causes the pores to become clogged and infect and the well-known swelling and redness of our skin to take place, giving shape to the annoying granite or acne.

Other causes of acne can be related to following a poor or unhealthy diet, frequent alcohol intake, or smoking. Different scientific studies have shown on numerous occasions that these three factors directly affect our skin, damaging its health and altering its nature. In this case, solving the problem will be much easier since we will only have to change these behaviors to greatly reverse the problem.

Tips To Remove Acne Step By Step

Although acne is common and is very present during youth and adolescence, knowing how to recognize the causes or factors that cause it and how to put a solution can help us make its effects less severe. We will be surprised to see the enormous benefits that we can achieve on our skin by following simple daily hygiene and cleaning routine focused on eliminating acne.

Wash The Skin Daily

Carrying our skin’s daily hygiene with the only use of warm water and neutral pH soap will help reduce the effects of acne. The most recommended thing is to wash our face twice a day, in the morning when we get up and before going to bed, we will keep our face clean, fresh and free of annoying sebum.

Be Very Careful With The Sun

Staying in the sun for a long time can damage our dermis and cause an increase in acne. Therefore, whenever you have to sunbathe, remember to use sun protection creams and do not do it for a long time and during the hours of greatest incidence. By following this easy tip, you will protect your skin today and tomorrow.

Follow A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Surely you have repeatedly heard the phrase “we are what we eat,” this suggests that what we eat daily directly influences our health and body. So, try to have a diet that is as healthy and balanced as possible, trying to provide your body with the nutrients and foods it needs.

Be Careful With Cosmetic Products

There are currently many cosmetic products and creams that can help you keep acne under control, but still pay close attention to what type of creams you use. Not all are of good quality or are indicated for our skin type, so we can end up aggravating the problem instead of solving it.

Remember, once again, the importance of visiting our dermatologist or trusted doctor once a year so that they can carefully analyze our problem and offer us a solution.